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MP3 Cutter 4 + Portable Full For PC

Free MP3 Cutter Joiner is one such application that helps you handle your audio files in no time, with its dual-mode user interface making the entire assignment a breeze. Given the file format’s popularity, chances are that you have been assigned tasks that involve trimming MP3s, and it is precisely the simplicity of the operation that requires a fast and responsive software utility to accompany you in the process.

Helps you cut and join MP3s
• As suggested by the program’s very name, it can not only cut but also join your MP3 files, all without being necessary to invest considerable time and effort.
• In fact, all you need to do in order to have it up and running is to select the MP3 file you want to remove segments from, with pre-listening options being available so that you are in full control of all the modifications you apply.
• Indicating a start and endpoint is all you have to do in order to remove irrelevant content from your audio file, with the mention that you can do that either by editing the input time with the help of your keyboard or by resorting to your mouse to adjust the limits of your waveform.

Can convert other audio files to MP3
• As for the MP3 Joiner component, you should know that things are just as straightforward. You simply need to add your audio files, at which point you are automatically shown their source, status, and other details about their length.
• Note that this time around, MP3 is no longer the only supported file format. In our tests, we have also successfully joined OGG and WAV files, which, it must be pointed out, are automatically converted to MP3. Once you have indicated an output location for your audio file, you may also tweak its bit rate, sample, and channel.

Lightweight app for all users alike
• On an ending note, Free MP3 Cutter Joiner is a handy app helping you quickly apply some basic modifications to your audio files, all in a simple GUI that should cater to the needs of any novice.


• Cut pieces from big audio files and then convert them in MP3 format
• Cut/join with high precision and without losing quality
• Marge multiple files or parts of multiple files into one big file
• With a small player built-in for pre-listening


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MP3 Cutter 4.2.0 Stable | File Size: 4 MB


MP3 Cutter 4.2.0 Stable | File Size: 6 MB


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