Official HWIDGEN v62.01 Free Download | Window 10 Activator – KMS38 [Full Review 2020]


HWIDGEN Windows 10 Activator & KMS38 is a tool that is used to activate Microsoft windows 10 any edition like windows 10 pro, windows 10 home, windows 10 Ultimate, etc. This tool activates your windows 10 all editions in a single click.

HWIDGEN was developed or written by s1ave77, who is a member of famous and popular forums such as MDL.

This Tool is developed in an AutoHotKey Script and contains all Microsoft Windows 10 Versions with the help of HWIDGEN you do not need to use any stolen product keys to activate your Microsoft windows.

What is HWIDGEN & KMS38?

HWIDGEN is a tool that helps you to activate your Microsoft windows 10 any version which you are using on your computer.

This tool is to use AutoHotkey Script to activate your windows 10 and it is developed by famous and popular forums members. You can get HWID Digital License on all windows 10 versions and VL versions like (1507).

This tool is very popular nowadays because this is safe and very easy to use. In a few seconds, you activate your windows 10 permanently without any problem.

But keep in mind if you use this tool on your computer you never use this tool again if you reinstall your windows because your HWID data is saved in MS server and MS server automatically recognizes the HWID and Activate your windows 10 when your computer is connected via internet.

How HWIDGEN Works?

The activation process will only be performed once per every single computer or machine, Microsoft server checks your HWID information your his server and activates your windows 10 when your computer is connected to the internet.

The Program HWIDGEN works via slshim or windows 10 GatherOsState.exe which you can found on your download Microsoft Windows 10 ISO.

The Microsoft Windows 10 activation keys are used from the products.ini, these keys you can temporarily use during setup installation.

If you format your PC you need to re-run HWIDGEN and activate the windows 10.

HWIDGEN Key Features

In this section you can read all the key features of HWIDGEN Windows 10 Activator, I recommend you to read all the key features which are provided in this section and clear your confusion.

Free of cost

This tool is free of cost you can just download it into our site and run it on your compute or laptop and activate your windows 10. You can use this tool in any machine it means that this tool allows you to activate windows 10 in more than one computer or laptop.

No Ads

HWIDGEN is ads-free its means that there are no ads are displayed on your computer screen and you can perform your task easily without any issue.

Many other activators have many ads which can disturb the activation process and make your system slow and user feel uncomfortable while using HWIDGEN tool.

In this tool no pop-ads, I give a guarantee that you can use this tool without any problem.

Lifetime activation

If you are using un-registered windows 10 on your computer and want to activate your windows 10 permanently so, you on the right place you can use HWIDGEN Windows 10 Activator tool to activate your windows 10 permanently and get rid of un-registered watermark of windows 10.

This Tool uses the AutoHotKeys technique to activate your windows 10 and your HWID to Microsoft server and activate your windows permanently.

There is no problem if you uninstall your windows or reinstall it again you do not need to activate your windows 10 again just connect your computer to the internet Microsoft server automatically recognize your HWID on his server and activated your windows 10.

Virus or Threads Free

HWIDGEN is a virus or any kind of infected file free you can use is without any problem. As compared to other activators which activate windows 10 and other windows version this tool is best on the internet as compared to others.

This tool not save any log file on your computer and does not send your data or files to Microsoft server it just send your hardware ID (HWID) to Microsoft server and activate your windows 10.

No Banned

HWIDEN is a very smart tool that uses the technique and activates your windows 10 and Microsoft server does not know that windows are activated with any activator.

All In One Activator

It is true, HWIDGEN is enough for activating your Windows 10 and you do not need to use any other tool and try to activate your windows 10 and crash your windows because other tools have malware and any other viruses which slow down your computer or laptop.

Download HWIDGEN | Windows 10 Activator – KMS38

In the previous section, we read all about this their features it’s working and much more. Now in this section, we discuss the downloading process and know that how we can download HWIDGEN from our website and activate your windows 10 lifetime.

The downloading process is very simple and easy because we do not use any pop-up ads and any other short link ads. We provide a direct link to this tool with fast downloading speed servers.

You can download HWIDGEN without wasting your time in skipping annoying ads or close pop-up ads that are displayed on your computer or laptop screen.

You can also download Mini KMS Activator Ultimate 2.1 Free Download [Full]

Download HWIDGEN Windows 10 Activator

Now You follow the downloading steps and download your file on your computer.

Now, Click the download button which is display below on this paragraph you will be redirected to downloading page where you can download HWIDGEN.

In downloading page wait few seconds your downloading will automatically start after a few seconds.

After complete your downloading go to the desktop and follow our installation and Activate your window 10 in your installation and activation Guide section.

HWIDGEN Installation and Activation Guide

I want to tell you that it does not require any installation. It means that it is completely portable. You just need to download the HWIDGEN windows 10 activator and run as an administrator.

 The downloading file is in the rar Or zip you need to extract the HWIDGEN file before use, In this case, you need to download WinRAR or zip file on your computer and install it.

Winrar or Zip file helps you to extract the HWIDGEN rar or zip file and make it useable.

Now, you need to run hwid.kms38.gen.mk6.exe file as administrator. You need to select your work mode if you change your work mode otherwise this tool automatically detects your HWID data and Windows 10 data.


Now, you just need to click on start and wait until the activation process is complete when the process is completed you need to restart your computer or laptop.

It will automatically detect your all data by itself you do not need to do anything from your side.

HWIDGEN Supported Windows 10 Version

  • Core (Home) (N) (HWID/KMS38)
  • CoreSingleLanguage (N) (HWID/KMS38)
  • Professional (N) (HWID/KMS38)
  • Professional Education (N) (HWID/KMS38)
  • Professional Workstation (N) (HWID/KMS38)
  • Education (N) (HWID/KMS38)
  • Enterprise (N) (HWID/KMS38)
  • EnterpriseS  (N) 2015(HWID)
  • EnterpriseS (N) 2016 (HWID/KMS38)
  • EnterpriseS  (N) 2019 (KMS38)
  • Server Standard(Core) (N) (KMS38)
  • Server DatacenterCore) (N) (KMS38)
  • Server Solution(Core) (N) (KMS38)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you activated your windows 10 using this tool and have any questions some faqs help you to find your answer.

You can find your question in this section if do not found your answer there you can do comment in the comment section.

Is the tool HWIDGEN provide the legal windows 10 activation method?

  • Yes, this tool provides legal activation because this tool is not hacking or any other hijacking you can you HWIDGEN without any problem.

Does anti-virus detect HWIDGEN as a virus?

  • Do not worry about this because all the activator is whitelisted by antivirus that’s why antivirus scanned and remove it.

Why slshim is required?

  • Slshim is required because it replaces the author of the Microsoft server and allows to use of windows without too many problems.

Which windows version HWIDGEN supported?

  • All windows 10 version HWIDGEN supported.

If I reinstall windows 10 then again I need to activate it?

  • No, if your reinstall your windows you do not need to activate your windows 10 again.
  • Microsoft server recognizes your HWID and activates your windows automatically when your computer or laptop connected via the internet.

How many modes HWIDGEN supported?

There is the list of all supported Mode which HWIDGEN supported are as following

  • LicenseSwtich
  • SetOffline & SetOnline
  • Rearm
  • Clean
  • Clean_ClipSBV
  • gVLK
  • HWID_Key
  • HWID
  • Info

Why does HWIDGEN require to run as an administrator?

  • HWIDGEN requires higher rights because it might need to write/access your registry to install a default key.

What is the difference between HWIDGEN and KMS38?

  • It will permanent activate your windows 10 and its use AutoHotKeys Script.
  • KMS38 does not activate your windows permanently after a few months your windows need to activate again.

Can I uninstall HWIDGEN?

  • Yes, you can uninstall this tool there is not any problem for doing this your machine working fine after uninstalling or HWIDGEN.


In the end, HWIDGEN is the best tool that is available on the internet you can use this tool without any problem. This tool is free and without any cost which helps you do activate your Microsoft windows 10 permanently.

If you found any website which claims that download this tool after pay the cost or money report that website and ask the real owner of this file.

We provide this tool free of cost you can download it from our website and recommend to others they use this tool free of cost and save their money.

I hope you will read all the installation guide and downloading process and the HWIDGEN features to better understand all about this tool.

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