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Game loop

What is Tencent’s Game loop Emulator?

Sincerely Tencent’s video games are one of the maximum distinguished agencies within the cellular gaming enterprise. however, are you able to bet the problem for windows customers? That’s right, the video games are extensively cell best.

Tencent’s Game loop is the most popular Android emulator with millions of users perfect Android emulator for you to play mobile games on PC smooth control free download more popular games easy setup types PUBG, drawing a Garena Free Fire Mobile, legends roll stars, cyber hunter.

Most PC Android Emulators help emulate multiple Android apps and games onto PC however Tencent’s Game loop is a PUBG Mobile exclusive at least in the global market this means great optimization also the tool is easy to install requiring no VPN or account creation unlike a lot of PC Android emulators.

Tencent’s Game loop is first and foremost designed to emulate PUBG this means that not only is it optimized for the game it’s super easy to install all you need to do is visit the game loop website and download the client link given in the article.

After installing Tencent’s game loop application it will automatically begin to download the files you need to play PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and many other games on your pc control customization options just like other mobile emulators.

Tencent’s Game loop lets you customize the control overlay for PUBG Mobile these controls are also context-sensitive so when you are driving or open your inventory the control scheme shifts to adapt.

Tencent’s Game loop is available for windows 10,8,7 with 32bit/64bit support. This Android emulator is designed totally for gaming and allows home windows customers to definitely play the video games on their devices.

So, rest assured, way to this on hand invention you may be capable of revel in the likes of Piano King and PUBG cell out of your home windows machine.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Update?

The new PUBG Mobile of the v0.16.0 was just released on December 11th here’s a quick highlight of all the new things and some changes that were made to the game the patch dropped on December 11th and it’s about 617 megabytes of storage space.

If you don’t update your game you won’t be able to play with players who have updated to the newest patch plus updating before December 17th.

Actually Nets you the update rewards so it’s best to update before December 17th to get 50 silver 2888 BP and one treat a winter dress so what’s exactly new in this update.

NameGame loop Emulator
Size:10 MB
Game:PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile
Last Update:12 November 2019
File Type:.exe

Download Gameloop

You can also download Download Garena Free Fire: Spooky Night Apk + OBB V1.41.0 [Latest]

New Evil Ground mode – RagerGear:

In this new update, PUBG is introducing a New Evil ground mode called rager gear you’ll be divided into two teams and randomly assigned as the driver or shooter if you destroy the enemy’s vehicle you wouldn’t the rich German will come with two different ways to play either a team deathmatch.


In Deathmatch you collect one point every time you destroy an opposing vehicle and win by being the highest score when time ends.

Pickup Mode:

You can try the pickup mode in the pickup mode you collect point crates get the required amount to win but if you get taken down all your crates will be lost too or isn’t that a shame this patch also brings us some snowy fun with the new map snow paradise if you take the cable cart up to the mountain you can play freestyle snowboarding.

Snowboarding Mode:

There it’s all pretty fun until you get shot and die there are a lot more changes in this patch but our favorite is definitely being able to heal while moving this is a game-changer like can you imagine what teams can do now do note that this feature is only enabled for classic mode.

Medical items include met kids, painkillers, energy drinks, bandages, first aid kits, adrenaline syringe, and other consumables you know the good stuff though bear in mind that your movement speed will be slowed while you’re applying medical items 2000 years later.

Another big healing changes to the bandages it will restore your health over time once applied so it sort of works like a regen now and that is all we’ll be Highlighting in this article are you excited for this patch especially the sealing changes for the full patch notes you can read it in our article.

Call of Duty Mobile v1.0.9 Update – Zombie Mode And What’s New

call of duty mobile

In this week we get a new community update this is the Official Call of Duty Mobile December 20th community update and if you don’t know what these community updates are usually the official rental account for Call of Duty Mobiel will go and make a post on Reddit talking about things that happened in the past in regards to Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile community we are back again with another update and one that is covering the majority of what is to, for the rest of December however first and foremost we’d like to announce that our next major update will be releasing in January while a major update.

We’ll continue on it we’ll have new content coming for zombies mode and then in parentheses a new map so we’re gonna be getting a new zombies map in January I’ll come back to that more content for multiplayer and plenty more that we aren’t going to reveal yet as we get closer to that update keep an eye on these updates for more information about all.

Why GameLoop Emulator is Best for PUBG & Call of Duty Mobile?

There are a lot of Android Emulators available on the internet and we can play PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile and a lot of games using android emulators. But a few months ago Tencent launches its official Emulator called “Gameloop”.

Tencent’s Gameloop Emulator has much better than other android emulators. It supports Windows 10,8,7 as well. You can play PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile and other android games in low-end PC.

Tencent’s Gameloop recommends at least 4GB of RAM and Dual-core processor. You can play Android Games in low recommend settings and you can change setting it you have high-performance PC.

Tencent’s Gameloop is better than all other android emulators because it runs games smoothly and there is no chance of lag and crash. Tencent’s Gameloop Emulator is the most famous Emulators nowadays and popular in the gaming world.

How to Install Game Loop On PC or Laptop?

  • First Step Download Game Loop Emulator .rar/zip file
  • Extract downloaded file using Winrar/7zip
  • Open Game Loop .exe file and allow installing permission
  • Click the Next button and wait until the installation complete
  • Now open the Game Loop Emulator from desktop
  • Enjoy

How to Install PUBG/Call of Duty Mobile Offline in PC On Game Loop MAC Emulator

Offline Install PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and any other Android Game into Tencent’s Gameloop Emulator with an offline installer file. First of all, download Tencent’s Gameloop by going to the Download Link and download it and install it. If u have already installed the Emulator, open it.

If you have installed a Chinese version of it, you can change the language by going to this setting and clicking on it and click on the third one Now click on the first tab and click on this box and select the English language.

Now click this box now we need to close the emulator and restart it we need to close it entirely So, go to the taskbar and right-click on the Tencent’s Gameloop and click on the second one now the game will be closed.

Now open the emulator again then you will see that the emulator will be in English after opening the emulator click on the download button and let it download for at least 1 percentage after it reaches 1 percentage, Pause the download and close the emulator again and after you’ve paused the download.

Go to the “C:\” Drive or where you have installed the game and you will find a folder called “TEMP” in that directory and open it, and you will find a folder named “TxGameDownload” and open that folder and open another folder called “MobileGamePCShared” folder there and you will see a file named as “Game_com_tencent_ig” and it will be a “ttd” file, and we need to delete that ttd file after deleting that we need to copy the download apk file to this directory after the copying process completed, and we need to open the emulator again.

Now Click on the continue button of the download and it will get to 100 percentage Immediately because we have inserted a fully downloaded file into the directory and it will automatically start the installation process.

The installation process will take some time to finish and there we go; we have successfully installed the game on the GameLoop Emulator.

How to Select Language of Tencent’s Game loop Emulator Chinese to English?

Now I’ll cover some common issues, for example, some people install the app and the language is set to Chinese.

I’ll show you how to change it back to English and I’ll also talk about some other problems that people have and why they have those issues so yeah stay tuned.

So next we look at How to change the language back to English if you start in the Chinese?

Sometimes some people have mentioned that when they install it a by default its installs in the Chinese language so in order to fix this all you need to do is click on the three lines on the top right-hand side select the third option and over here you’ll see a drop-down menu this is the language setting English as you can see is the second option here just click that click on safe this is the Save button click OK and then shutdown the Tencent’s Game loop Emulator.

From your taskbar as well and just restarted it should work fine so there we are so it’s now in English so next, we look at the settings best settings for low-end systems once again start up your Tencent’s Game loop Emulator click on the three lines go into settings select Engine and in here select smart mode or anti-aliasing select close.

How to Choose Memory in Tencent’s Game loop Emulator?

If you have 3 GB select 1.5 GB of RAM if you have 4 GB RAM select 2 GB RAM this is because you don’t want all your system RAM to be used by that Tencent’s Game loop Emulator.

You need some for your system as well for other things select to course if you have a trooper system resolution select 720p if it still laggy select the lowest one 1024 by 576 dpi select something in between this should not affect performance but it will affect the sensitivity of Hamas higher value will make the mouse more sensitive so aiming will be a bit harder lower will be too slow so select something in between or whatever you’re comfortable with.

What you have on your system 2 cores 720p and dpi is up to you and in here in the game section select 720p as well and display quality as auto or you can select smooth so because higher HD ones will need more juice from your system basically so inside the game just select the gear icon on the bottom right or settings to go into graphics and select smooth here the next one is for frame rates so the higher the value.

How to Select Extra Option or Extreme Option is Tencent’s Game loop Emulator?

Here, for example, extreme will target 60fps and so on so for select whatever the highest option you have available some people have told me they don’t have the extra option so extreme options only so select ultra or higher whatever is the maximum you can see the style is up to you what you like.

I personally prefer colorful because it things go better to disable anti-aliasing and disable auto adjust graphics anti-aliasing makes the big a bit more stable and still so you won’t see too many jagged lines with auto-adjust what this does is if the PS fluctuates too much it locks it at 30 so you want that disabled as well so for yes for low-end systems this should work well and you should get as much as you can on based on your system.

So finally, I just wanted to cover some common issues that people have a lot of people seem to have the 98% issue where it stops at 98% that I believe is down to your antivirus so try to disable that and restart it.

How to Fix Game Downloading Issue In Tencent’s Game loop Emulator?

A lot of people have issues where the game downloads and then it starts downloading again that I believe is down to your internet connection not being stable enough so make sure you have a good connection a wired connection at least have a 2 or 3 Mbps connection otherwise you will have those issues.

If you have less than 3 GB RAM, unfortunately, it’s not going to work so you need to upgrade your system you need to have a different system that is the minimum so anything less than this will not work.

If you are having issues installing it uninstall it from the control panel and then reinstall it but before you reinstall it to make sure to delete the TX game download folder from the temp file and then restart your system and then reinstall it.

So, hopefully, that should work so yeah so a lot of these issues are fairly common and most of them are because your system isn’t good enough your internet isn’t good enough.

So, network issues login issues I believe error code 31 is a network issue so some people have mentioned that it’s Windows administrator thing so change your user and see if that helps.

So, hopefully, yeah these are some of the common issues I’ve also made videos showing you step-by-step installation so you can have a look at that and hopefully, all of this helps and it fixes your problems so good luck and let me know how it goes.

Different types of bugs or errors during installation of Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator

  1. Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator Stuck on 98% during installation
  2. different errors appear on the screen during installation
  3. Download failed or start again on Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator
  4. Graphics Drivers Update Warning
  5. No Audio Sound
  6. Game Lag and Crash
  7. Sometimes CTRL Key is not working during playing the game

What are the Minimum Requirements to Play Android Games on Tencent’s Game loop Emulator?

  • PC/CPU: Dual-Core from Intel or AMD at 3.0 Gigahertz
  • Graphics/GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / 9600 GT ATI/AMD Verdean hg 2600 / 3600
  • RAM/Memory: Memory at least 4 Gigabytes or Higher
  • Operating System/Windows: OS Windows 10 8.1 8 and 7
  • DirectX Version: v12
  • HDD/Storage: 6 Gigabytes of Free Storage SSD is recommended.

Key Features of Tencent’s Game loop:

  • Android Emulator.
  • Available in Chinese & English & more.
  • Great usability.
  • It allows better gameplay.
  • Specifically created for Tencent Games.

It’s incredibly straightforward to use too; with many complimenting its quick and easy installation process. Moreover, it boasts a plethora of settings and configurations – allowing you to further personalize your gaming experience.

Why can’t you just play the games on your mobile? – we hear you cry. Well, as we suspect most of you have found, it’s incredibly difficult to play some games (like shooters) on a touchscreen. This is why Tencent Gaming Buddy has been designed. It can allow you to enjoy some of the brand’s finest games, while also having access to mouse and key controls.

Worried that this is unfair? Don’t be, Tencent Gaming Buddy will only match you against other Windows users carrying out the same gaming method. So cheating is off-limits!

Overall, Tencent Gaming Buddy is incredibly popular as it allows further access to Tencent Games. These days our mobile phones are like a lifeline, and the battery isn’t too reliable – so relax and enjoy some of your favorite games straight from the comfort of your PC.

There are Many Alternative Emulators are Available for Playing Pubg Mobile and Pubg Mobile Like Version. But The Tencent Gaming Buddy is Office Tool for Playing Games. The New Update Now Support Free Fire on Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Game loop [FAQ] Frequent Asked Question

1. What is Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator?

Tencent’s Game loop is the most popular Android emulator with millions of users perfect Android emulator for you to play mobile games on PC smooth control free download more popular games easy setup types PUBG, drawing a Garena Free Fire Mobile, legends roll stars, cyber hunter.

2. Can I Update my Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator?

Yes, You can update Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator. Simply, Open Game Loop Emulator and then Click on Settings Button Then Click on Update. After Update Complete Restart Your PC.

3. How I can run Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator smoothly?

You can run Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator Smoothly and avoid the LAG while playing any game in Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator. Try the Recommend Settings goto settings Click on Game Settings and then Select Smooth Option.

4. Which are the best settings for better performance of Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator?

Go settings then Click on the engine and configure the following settings:

Click on Rendering and then Select Smart mode.

Click on Anti-Aliasing and Select Close.

Click on Memory and then select Maximum. (for high-end PC/Laptop)

Click on Processor and then select Maximum. (for high-end PC/Laptop)

Click on Resolution and then select Default.

Click on DPI and then select 240.

Go settings than Click on Game and configure the following settings:

Click On Gaming Resolution and then set 720p for medium graphics card and 1080p for the high graphics card.

Display Quality: Smooth.

5. How To Fix Lag In Tencent’s Game loop Android Emulator?

  1. First of all, make sure your Graphics Card drivers are updated. If you have don’t know how to check than Download Driver Booster it can check all the drivers are updated or not.
  2. Second, check the system requirement of Tencent’s Game Loop emulator is full with your system or not.
  3. Still, if you face any lagging and crashing issue in Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator than set the recommended setting which is mention above.

6. What are the Minimum Requirements to Play Android Games on Tencent’s Game loop Emulator?

  • PC/CPU: Dual-Core from Intel or AMD at 3.0 Gigahertz
  • Graphics/GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / 9600 GT ATI/AMD Verdean hg 2600 / 3600
  • RAM/Memory: Memory at least 4 Gigabytes or Higher
  • Operating System/Windows: OS Windows 10 8.1 8 and 7
  • DirectX Version: v12
  • HDD/Storage: 6 Gigabytes of Free Storage SSD is recommended.

7. Is This Tencent’s Game Loop Is Official?

Yes, This is the official build of Tencent’s Gaming Buddy.

8. How long time it takes to install Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator?

It takes time 5 to 10 minutes after installation some files require the update.

9. Which Emulator is Best for Playing PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile?

Tencent’s Game Loop is the best Emulator as compare to other, android emulators.

10. Can we play PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile on Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator?

Yes, you can play both games and other more android games on Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator smoothly.

11. is the game loop safe?

Yes, the Game loop is safe because this is Tencent’s official Emulator.

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