Always On Edge – Edge Lighting 5.5.5 APK [Pro] [Full]

Always On Edge

Always On Edge – Edge Lighting Full For PC

Always On Edge – Edge Lighting is a great project for personalizing your desktop device. More precisely to improve the perception of the screen itself. Especially at the moment when it is turned off. The project launches two synchronously moving lines along its edge.

Various settings, features, choice of parameters, and everything else helps to find the best option. That, in any case, will please anyone who believes that the gadget should always please the eye, even when it is not active. High workmanship, convenient management of values ​​, and very low battery consumption add positive impressions of its use.


When does it start?

  • manually, only when I want I open the app.
  • automatic, always anytime I lock screen.
  • only when a notification comes:
    • and the screen is off.
    • and the screen is on.
    • always, off or on.
  • the clock always edges when a notification comes.
  • only when I put the device on charge.
  • wireless charge only?.
  • run 10s every minute.
  • mixed, the clock always edges 10s every minute.
  • only when headset plugged listen to music.
    • and the screen is off.
    • and the screen is on.
    • always, off or on.
  • always while the screen is on
  • when someone calls
  • when open recent apps menu

emoji fall animation:

  • one-shot.
  • always.

How does it close?

  • Swipe up to close.
  • Double-tap to close.
  • Pocket mode.
  • SmartUnlock.

Edge lighting animation style:

  • crash
  • stable (save more power, use 0% CPU) awesome with colors wave!
  • follow
  • flicker
  • worm

adjust Edge lighting:

  • Edges speed.
  • Edges thickness.
  • Edges color number:
  • One-color.
  • Two.
  • Three.
  • colors waves. (try with stable style!)

adjust Space between Edges

  • medium
  • without space
  • narrow
  • wide

adjust Device Screen corners?

  • curved corners
  • little curved corners
  • regular corners
  • adjust manually

What’s New:

  • option to light inside system AOD
  • supports all notch types; V, O, U and cutouts
  • Fixes, Reminder, Lighting when listening to music
  • option to light around notch only
  • new run option: Edge lighting live Wallpaper for home and lock screen
  • power button functions as usual even without root
  • the smoothest edge lighting in this universe and parallel universes.
  • new option: on calls.

Unlocked Features:

  • Pro features unlocked;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics are disabled.


Unlocked Features:

  • Pro features unlocked.


Requirements: 5.0+

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Requirements: 5.0+

Always On Edge – Edge Lighting 5.5.5 APK [Pro] – (6.2 Mb)


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