Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2020 9.2.1 RePack + MacOS [Full]

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2020 RePack + macOS Full For PC

Here is an excellent program for working with digital photos. You will have the opportunity to quickly complete the necessary actions for importing, processing and demonstrating your images, you can also conveniently manage them, you can do this not only for one specific shot, but you can also manage immediately with a whole series, download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, You can from our project.

In this version, the tools responsible for correcting images were significantly improved, you can also use powerful systematization functions and you will have the opportunity to make flexible print settings. Using the program Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, you can significantly reduce the time you spend at the computer, while you will have more time to work with objects.

Lightroom combines photos into “collections” – virtual gatherings of files that can quickly search. It stores information about keywords, previews and metadata not in each graphic file, but in a centralized database (the SQLite engine).

Therefore, the database can be accessed and about the photos, which are now in the archive on DVD. The size of the program is significantly smaller than Bridge, it runs faster and takes less RAM. In general, Lightroom is aimed exclusively at photographers who are interested in processing and cataloging photos, rather than integrating everything and everything.

Another feature of the Photoshop Lightroom package is the separation of the process of working with pictures into separate stages. Each of them has its own functional module with a corresponding set of tools and palettes of settings.

Lightroom’s functionality includes not only a RAW converter and image processing tools but also a powerful photo cataloging system, as well as tools for creating slide shows and web pages. As in many modern RAW-converters, Lightroom uses the principle of nondestructive editing.

This means that information about all the operations performed by the user and settings is recorded in the service file, while the original image is kept unchanged. Such an approach allows not only to minimize the probability of irretrievable loss of originals of processed images but also makes it possible to create and print many different variants of the same image without having to save an appropriate number of full-fledged graphic files that quickly eat up free space on the hard disk.

At the end of the work on the image, the user can save his processed version as a separate graphic file.


Fast integration
Increase speed and stability when integrating a Lightroom Classic with a Canon camera.

Combine photos into a panoramic view in one step
Get your HDR panorama quickly by creating multiple HDR exposures with bracketing and combining them into a panoramic image in just one step.

Depth range masking
Highlight areas based on depth ranges in the foreground or against the background of HEIC photos.

Enhanced image with negative haze correction
Reduces noise by moving the smoke correction slider to the left from zero.

Reducing the “color tint” effect
Decrease the magenta color tint in low-light images.

Improved book creation process
Place the content on the pages and independently develop a unique design of Blurb books. Create Blurb books of different formats: commercial books, magazines and Layflat books.

Import styles and profiles
Import zip files with styles and profiles through the styles panel or profile browser.

Colorful shortcuts for folders
You can now organize and filter folders using colored shortcuts.

Automatically organize when viewing HDR photos and panoramas
Systematize images when viewing in table mode: just select the checkbox and the original frames will be located next to the ready-made panoramic and HDR-photos.

Managing profiles
The advanced menu allows you to enable or disable profile groups.

Improved folder search
Quickly find the folders you need.

RePack for Win 7/8.1/10:

  • In order to make it possible to install the program not only on Windows 10 but the installer version has also been lowered to
  • With the exception of the minimum required, the Adobe Application Manager module, which is installed by the original installer, is cut out of the installer.
  • Except for the necessary minimum, the Adobe Desktop Common module, which is installed by the original installer, is cut out of the installer.
  • The Adobe Creative Cloud module, which the original installer must install, is completely cut out of the installer.
  • The installer integrates an offline certificate into Windows 7 that confirms Adobe’s current electronic signature.
  • The installer provides a choice of the installation path and interface language, as well as the ability to launch the program immediately after the installation.
  • The possibility of installing the program on Windows 8.x and Windows 10 junior versions is unlocked.
  • The program is already activated. It can be used immediately after installation.


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Requirements: Win 7/8.1/10

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 2020 9.2.1 | 64 bit | File Size: 1.10 GB


Requirements: macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2020 9.2.1 MacOS – (1.3 Gb)


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